Replace lies with the truth.  Be alert to the lies your self-talk reveals about yourself, other people, and God.  Pray for the discernment you need to have an accurate perspective on yourself, others, and God.  Tune out the clamor you hear from life’s chaos around you and proactively turn your heart to God so you can tune into His voice above all the noise.  Listen to the truth the God speaks to you through His Holy Spirit and let that overcome the lies you’ve been telling yourself.  Each time the Holy Spirit reveals a lie and nudges you to pray about it, follow a healthy cycle: sensitivity to the Spirit, conviction of sin, conversation with God, freedom and renewal, and changed behavior. 

Write to yourself in a journal.  Record the details of your self-talk in a journal so you can study them and ask yourself where your thoughts are coming from and what God wants you to do about them. 

Enlist help from other people.  Ask a few friends you trust to encourage you, hold you accountable, pray for you, and give you advice as you try to change the way you talk to yourself. 

Turn your self-talk into God-talk.  Once you’ve learned how to focus on God’s voice speaking to you, invite Him to use your private thoughts to help you love Him and others in deeper ways.  Pray for more and more insights to help you love God and other people with greater passion.  Ask God to fill your mind with thoughts that will lead you to live the best life possible.

Adapted from The Silent Seduction of Self-Talk: Conforming Deadly Thought Patterns to the Word of God, copyright 2009 by Shelly Beach. Published by Moody Publishers, Chicago, Ill.,
Shelly Beach is founder and director of the Cedar Falls Christian Writers’ Workshop in Iowa and cofounder of the Breathe Christian Writers’ Workshop in Michigan. She is the author of two previous books. She and her husband Dan reside in Rockford, Michigan.

Article publication date: August 3, 2009