It’s one thing to get glowing reviews from the Christian media and believing moviegoers. But perhaps the greatest testimony to the power of a film such as The Gospel of John is how it has impacted non-Christians.


Take producer Garth Drabinsky, who is Jewish. “Everyone who worked on the project found it emotionally very, very uplifting – even if you weren’t reared in Christianity,” Drabinsky told during a recent interview. “You can’t avoid the majesty of this work – the nobility of it – it’s reverence and the fact that is has affected the lives of millions of people for centuries and centuries.”


Born in Toronto in 1949, Drabinsky studied the Old Testament as a child. “I read the Torah fluently, which is a reasonably complex thing to do. So I’ve always found it to be very pulling and it tugs at my basic foundation. Philosophically, it’s almost unavoidable to read John and not be overwhelmed with the ideas of Christ, as simple as some of them are, yet so complex in terms of their execution. The concept of loving one another is certainly something that the world has never figured out – certainly in these tumultuous times.”  

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PHOTO of Ian Cusick as Jesus by Brooke Palmer