Leadership Facet 4: Training and Development/Fueling (Showing Others How to Act)

Much like a car needs fuel in order to move, a team needs training. This also includes putting policies and procedures into action. Leaders understand that not all policies and procedures work, so they set in motion training scenarios to test them, ensuring that they are workable for mission success.

Leaders understand that training is a critical part of mission as much as drivers understand the need to fuel their vehicles. If a car does not receive fuel, then it will not move. If a team does not receive training, then they will fail to be mission-ready. Leaders set short-term goals and then model the desired behavior so that team members can see small victories while working towards the larger mission. This encourages team members to better see where they need to go and to work toward the larger group goals.

Leadership Facet 5: Rewards and Recognition/Maintenance (Rewarding and Encouraging Others)

As any good leader knows, recognition for a job well done is a critical element for keeping the team motivated. When a team reaches a remarkable goal, it is time for celebration! When leaders celebrate team members for a job well done, it infuses the team with hope and they are more willing to take ownership of the team mission.

If team members do not have ownership of a mission or they feel unappreciated, then they will lack the passion to work toward goals. Having a “shared heart” is essential to the success of any mission. In other words, people must feel important if they are to function at their best.

If a driver does not perform regular maintenance on their vehicle, engine failure could result. The care and feeding of a team is much like the care and feeding of a car. Both ensure that the car and team stay ready to meet challenges.

Where Do We Go from Here?

It still may not be easy to see how these leadership facets impact your life. Right now, you may still believe that you are not called to be a leader. But the fact is that every person who exists is called into some sort of leadership position. That includes you.

Isn’t it exciting to know that God did not forget you when He passed out the leadership gifts? If you don’t feel the excitement yet, you will. Watching God’s power flow through you to influence the lives of others is nothing short of miraculous. Excitement is a natural result of that experience.

As you begin this journey, remember that it is an honor to lead others, and those who are lost are waiting for you to show them the way to destiny. Each person you touch is called to lead, and God has chosen you to help with this mission. So let’s get started!

Taken from The Power of a Woman Who Leads. Copyright © 2013 by Gail M. Hayes. Published by Harvest House Publishers, Eugene, Oregon. Used by Permission.

Gail M. Hayes has served as a consultant to women in the workplace by helping them to improve their relationships and become agents of positive change. Because of her passion for helping working women, she developed the Handle Your Business Girl Empowerment Network, a network that empowers women to handle their business where they do business.

Publication date: May 10, 2013