Once again I had the opportunity to see the articles that really grabbed your attention last year.

First a big congratulations to our writers. Whether your article was listed here or not you are important to our online community of homeschoolers. Thank you for a great 2007.

And now the most read articles in 2007.

What Your Preschooler Really Needs
By Susan Lemons

The world has a lot to say about parenting nowadays. From Dr. Spock to Dr. Phil, from the Super Nanny to our own families, a plethora of experts scold us with a never-ending barrage of advice--most of it conflicting. What does your preschooler really need?
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12 Creative Ways to Make the Holidays Meaningful
By Jonathan Lewis

The weeks surrounding Christmas ought to be a special time of family togetherness, reflecting on the true meanings of these wonderful holidays, and teaching our children important lessons in thankfulness and God's love. Unfortunately, however, it's easy to get so caught up in everything that needs doing that we forget the things that matter most...
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The Importance of a Family Read-a-loud
By Paula Moldenhauer

Are new trends in homeschooling beginning to indicate a decline in literacy in the homeschool community?
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Summertime Ideas for Your Teens
Kim Lundberg

Summer stretches before us, beckoning with its bright sunshine and warm breezes. Check out these idea for summertime fun with your teens.
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Raising Politically Incorrect Christians - Part 1
JoJo Tabares

Just how difficult will it be for our Christian, conservative homeschool graduates as they go out into the politically correct world? It is a troubling question with potentially dire consequences for our children.
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When Criticism Hurts the Most
By Kathryn Frazier

With one careless remark, one can be diverted from the freedom of homeschooling to the tyranny of trying to please others. Much of what threatens our joy as homeschoolers comes from outside of our actual homes. What really gets to us is negative comments from those we love. How should you respond?
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The Myth of the Teen Brain: A Q&A with Dr. Epstein
Andrea Longbottom

In his book, Dr. Epstein argues that teens are being shortchanged by the academic institutions and legal systems of American society today, and he explains why and how teens should be given adult rights and responsibilities based on their individual abilities. Does he have a point?
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