The endorsement from Ramsey was a particularly rewarding sanction to acquire. The nationally known radio talk show host had been so badly burned by advertising filtering products that he had sworn off ever endorsing another Internet filtering product.

"It took several months to convince Ramsey and his staff to even test the filter," said Glen Fradenburg, Bsafe chairman. "Now Ramsey is one of our most enthusiastic supporters. He reports not a single complaint since Bsafe began advertising on his show."

Bsafe's state-of-the-art Internet filter was developed by software programmers who had previously worked in missile defense technology. While it is still the company's stock-in-trade, Bsafe is driven by more simple ideas. "It's no longer a question of having good children or bad children; or having the self-control not to visit porn sites," Fradenburg says. "The sheer volume of horrendous material on the Internet means that if your computer is unfiltered, your family is going to be exposed.

"Unlike most Internet service providers who offer weak 'parental controls' mostly as a marketing strategy, Bsafe is committed to using our technology to making the home a safe place for families and children. It's the reason we exist."

Rusty Benson is associate editor of AFA Journal, a monthly publication of the American Family Association. This article appeared in the February 2004 issue.

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