Eva: You write "Helping American military families makes patriots of us all."  How does that work?
When we come alongside a military family, it gives the serviceman confidence that his loved ones are cared for.  Without worrying about them, he is more able to compartmentalize and do his job.  Sometimes that job translates into saved lives.  Helping military families is a way of saving lives overseas.

Eva: How can the average citizen get connected, to join alongside our stateside heroes?
Get a copy of Heroes for any military family member (spouse, mom, dad, brother, etc) and give it to them because it is chock full of ongoing things you can do to help our military members and their families. 
Pray for our military and their families. Offer practical and specific forms of help such as "I want to bring your family a meal, which day is better Tuesday or Thursday?"  Buy them phone cards, movie passes, restaurant gift certificates, a camera for their computer (to view their loved one and let him see them).  On your calendar, write down a reminder to do something for them each week--even if it's just sending a card or an email letting them know you care.  If this war tarries, the ones at home will soon be forgotten as people go on with their lives.  We must see that their sacrifice is not forgotten because they are still watching and waiting for their loved one to come home.
We are, once again, at war.  If you could speak for your husband right now, what is the one thing you think he'd want the country to know above all else?
I think he'd quote someone else and say "America is great because America is good. If she ceases to be good, she will cease to be great."  Please show America how "good" you are by supporting our president, our troops and their families. If we want God to continue to bless America, we will need to bless Him. What better way to bless Him, than to bless our neighbors.

Eva:  Ellie, will you close this interview with a short prayer for our country, our service men and women, and our leaders?
Dear Lord,
We know that there are no atheists in foxholes. We pray that you would call these men and women to yourself. We pray that you would send people to share the gospel with these military members and their families. We pray for a great revival among our military and their families that will spread across America and the world. We pray for our President and for those who influence his decisions and we pray that you would bless him and bless America. Amen.


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