FEBRUARY 2, 1848, the U.S. Congress ratified the peace treaty which ended the Mexican War. In exchange for 15 million dollars the territories of California, Nevada, Utah, and parts of Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Wyoming, were brought into the Union. The treaty stated: "In the Name of Almighty God-the United States and the United Mexican States animated by a sincere desire to put an end to the calamities of the war....have, under the protection of Almighty God, the Author of Peace, arranged, agreed upon, and signed the following Treaty of Peace." The Treaty continued: "If (which is not to be expected, and which God forbid) war should unhappily break out between the two republics, they do now...solemnly pledge themselves to each other and to the world to observe the following rules...All churches, hospitals, schools, colleges, libraries, and other establishments for charitable and beneficent purposes, shall be respected, and all persons connected with the same protected in the discharge of their duties and the pursuit of their vocations." The Treaty concluded: "Done at the city of Guadalupe Hidalgo, the 2nd day of February, in the year of the Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty-eight."