Forced to resign from the Army for excessive drinking, he failed as a farmer and a businessman. Not until he volunteered for the Civil War did things change. He was promoted to brigadier general, captured Fort Henry and Vicksburg, and won Union control of the Mississippi. Lincoln placed him over the entire Army and within a year he forced Lee to surrender. His name was Ulysses S. Grant, born APRIL 27, 1822. As 18th President, Grant stated: "It seems fitting that on the occurrence of the hundredth anniversary of our existence as a nation, a grateful acknowledgment should be made to Almighty God for the protection and the bounties which He has vouchsafed to our beloved country." In his 2nd Annual Message, December 5, 1870, Ulysses S. Grant said: "...Such religious denominations as had heretofore established missionaries among the Indians, and perhaps to some other denominations who would undertake the work on the same terms-i.e., as a missionary work. The societies selected are allowed to name their own agents...and are expected to watch over them and aid them as missionaries, to Christianize and civilize the Indians, and to train him in the arts of peace."