Ulysses S. Grant was commissioned JULY 25, 1866, as General of the Army, the first to hold that rank. His Civil War victories resulted in his election as the 18th U.S. President. In his First Annual Message, December 6, 1869, President Grant wrote: "The Society of Friends...succeeded in living in peace with the Indians in the early settlement of Pennsylvania...These considerations induced me to give the management of a few reservations of Indians to them." In his 2nd Annual Message, December 5, 1870, President Grant wrote: "Religious denominations as had established missionaries among the Indians...are expected to watch over them and aid them...to Christianize and civilize the Indians, and to train him in the arts of peace." To Congress, January 1, 1871, President Grant wrote: "Indians of the country should be encouraged...to adopt our form of government, and it is highly desirable that they become self-sustaining, self-relying, Christianized, and civilized." In his 3rd Annual Message, December 4, 1871, President Ulysses S. Grant wrote: "I recommend liberal appropriations to carry out the Indian peace policy, not only because it is humane and Christianlike...but because it is right."