December is coming to an end, as is the year of 2011, and as tradition dictates the writers and editors of and have taken a moment to make our choices for best music of the year. Some have chosen to list their favorite albums, while others focused on a particular song or artist. Either way, in case the world ends in 2012, here is the music we recommend you listen to before then.       

Ryan Duncan Editor

#5: Switchfoot - Vice Verses: Switchfoot has matured a lot since their 2009 release of Hello Hurricane. While Vice Verses still has plenty of their signature heavy-hitting adrenalin tracks, it's also scattered with a number of slower, and more reflective songs. It's very hard for Christian artists to deliver a message without sacrificing their music in the process. Switchfoot not only pulls this off, but sounds great while doing it.             

(Album Highlights - The War Inside, Restless, Dark Horses)

#4: Owl City - All Things Bright and Beautiful: The music of Owl City is anything but normal, and the latest album is no exception. Playful, odd, and perpetually happy, All Things Bright and Beautiful certainly lives up to its name. The music may not be for everyone, but it's still a nice change of pace from the usual selection of songs about love gone wrong. So give it a try, you may like it.                

(Album Highlights - Galaxies, Kamikaze, Alligator Sky)

3: Angels and Airwaves - Love Parts 1&2: Technically, this album by Angels & Airwaves is a movie soundtrack, and technically a portion of it was already released back in 2010, but it's only with the completed tracks that this album can be fully appreciated. It may not have the most inspired lyrics, but the music is recklessly creative, and being in two parts means there are a lot more tracks to explore than your average album.    

(Album Highlights - The Flight of Apollo, Hallucinations, Moon as My Witness)

#2: Adele - 21: British bombshell Adele has made a lot of headlines with her sophomore project 21, and few people are surprised. In an age where many singers rely on shock value and meat dresses to garner attention, Adele wins her place on raw talent alone. Her powerful voice, coupled with some impressive versatility, mean this album is definitely worth checking out.   

(Album Highlights - Rolling in the Deep, Rumor Has It, Someone Like You)


#1: Coldyplay - Mylo Xyloto: Coldplay is constantly reinventing itself, but it never strays too far from its roots. Mylo Xyloto, aside from having one of the strangest names in music history, still carries some shades of former albums in its background. At the same time though, the band's tracks take on a newer, hipper persona that make for a unique music experience. It's a great album for Coldplay fans and newcomers alike, with plenty of tracks worth a second play-through.