I don’t claim to know God’s purposes in allowing the quake to happen a few days ago, but I do know His purpose for the body of Christ - His representatives in the world today. He expects us to minister to a hurting world the same way Christ ministered to a hurting world: with healing acts (miraculous or medical), words of compassion, tears of grief, and words of truth.

Because of globalization, we live in an increasingly connected world - so connected that  within moments of the event, we know about tragedies that occur on the other side of the globe. That global awareness causes us to ask difficult questions about our faith, but it also provides us opportunities for service.

These insights are nothing new, but they are relevant. Whenever tragedy strikes and you have the opportunity to minister to hurting people (locally or globally), please see this as an opportunity to work with other believers and show people that God is still at work in this world of grief. God has neither abandoned us nor is He watching from a distance. He is in our midst, and after the tragedy in Japan this week, He once again calls us to serve. Pray for those suffering in Japan. Pray also for those who are ministering to the suffering. And support them in whatever way you are able.

On a final note, readers who want to think through the issue of Christian faith and suffering even further might enjoy this Napkin Theology video...

Stanley J. Ward serves as the Biblical Worldview Drector at The Brook Hill School (www.brookhill.org) and frequently speaks at conferences (www.stanleyjward.com). He is also a PhD candidate and napkin theologian (www.napkinvideo.com).

Publication date: March 15, 2011

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