Disasters: Why? Articles, Devotionals

Dr. Roger Barrier
Does God Send Natural Disasters as Judgment?Dr. Roger Barrier

Dr. Roger explains why natural disasters are not part of God's judgment.

Larry Murray
Where is God When the Earth Shakes?Larry Murray

Natural disasters like the earthquake in Japan do not need to be placed in the context of a judgment from God. But if earthquakes are not...

God and Sandy (2013)Dr. James Emery White

When faced with tragedies such as the tornadoes in Oklahoma, people tend to ask, "Where was God?" This blog was originally released follo...

Are Natural Disasters a Sign of God's Judgment?'christianitydotcom' on GodTube.com

How are we to interpret natural disasters? Are they necessarily a sign of God's judgment?

Natural Disaster: God's Sovereignty and Grace, Part IPaul Dean

What does it all mean? What is the purpose? Where was God? What can we say about this disaster as well as others from a biblical perspect...


  • Dr. Ray Pritchard
  • Alex Crain
  • Russ Jones
Who Does God Help? - Experiencing LIFE Today - April 16, 2014

For "everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved." (Romans 10:13). If you've been around Christians, you've probably heard a very popular motto.   Today's Devotional archives...

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