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Intersection of Life and Faith

Ten Questions With... Martin Smith

  • Melissa Riddle Senior Online Editor,
  • 2002 24 Jul
Ten Questions With... Martin Smith What has been the greatest challenge you've faced since you began pursuing music as a calling and a career?

Smith: Keeping everything pure and simple. If you look at the life of Miriam the sister of Moses, she had a challenge all of her life, being in the public eye being gifted and being a leader. Her heart grew cold in the end because she became jealous of other people's successes. It is a challenge to keep your heart clean in all this stuff. What has been the most profound lesson you've learned about worship over the past few years?

Smith: To be yourself, to be honest about where you are with God to people. The world will not stop spinning just because you have had a bad meeting. This is a life time of serving in a Levitical priesthood. What is the most profound lesson you've learned about life over the past few years?

Smith: That drinking two litres of water a day can seriously improve your health. Also just to do what God asks you to do. What is the most common misunderstanding about worship you see in the current worship climate, and how have you tried to reshape it?

Smith: Yes, worship is not a record, or a concert, or the next big thing. Worship is a life of consecration and servanthood before the creator of the universe. The only "re-shaping" anyone can do is to try and shape yourself into being like Jesus. What does 'worship lifestyle' mean to you?

Smith: Giving everything to God and being thankful for each moment that you have breath. This is kind of the desert island question. What are the five ministry essentials you could not do without?

Smith: Servanthood, humility, thankfulness, vision and relationship are the five ministry essentials I could not go without. How do you explain the powerful connection between music and worship expression?

Smith: God created music. Music is God's secret weapon to destroy the enemy and usher in the presence of the Almighty. Describe one of the most compelling, most powerful worship experiences you've had and tell how that effected you as a worshiper and as a leader since that time.

Smith: There have been times when you have to stop playing and lay on the floor and you daren't even look up because of the power of God is so strong and you are so afraid. This definitely formed us into people who revere the spiritual realm. What compels you to write new songs for worship?

Smith: There is nothing better than hearing the Saints singing "Jesus songs," and there will always be a need for new songs from generation to generation. This is what compels me. What person has influenced your ministry/your music the most and how?

Smith: Kevin Prosch, Bono and my wife Anna.