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Big Bang Research - Part I

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  • 2014 Oct 02
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It takes essentially nothing to create a universe.” Alan Guth

Years ago, I read in a physics textbook a confession by a popular physicists (sadly, I cannot find the book or remember the author’s name) from the 1950’s. He remembered that the secular physicists of the time were very concerned as it was becoming more and more clear that the universe started suddenly and not outrageously slowly as had been theorized up until that time.

The concern was that the theists were going to, figuratively speaking, rub their noses in it. After all, theists of most stripes have said that the universe came into existence in an instant. In the Judeo-Christian heritage, God spoke the universe into existence.

The author also noted that the secular physicists sighed a collective sigh of relief when the Christians, in particular, came out in immediate and rabid (my word) hatred of the “Big Bang” theory.

It was not for a while before someone was smart enough to realize the correlation and create the famous (infamous?) bumper sticker “God spoke and BANG the universe existed.” bumper sticker It is my hope that a day will come when Christians will stop reacting ignorantly to scientific input.

All truth is God’s truth.

If there is a God, He is the ultimate source for everything, including truth. Even if a blind squirrel finds a nut, it is still a nut. Even if a secular, God-hating person uncovers something that is true, it is still true. Let’s learn to stop forwarding emails without checking for their veracity and accuracy. Let’s become educated enough in regards to biology, physics and reality to stop making mistakes like building whole arguments on misunderstandings of things even basic scientific understandings like Laws of Thermodynamics. Let’s let our opponents make arguments from blindness or ignorance. If you do not know what you are talking about, it is ok to not talk.

Now, I want to report on further developments from some top scientists (one of whom is a raving anti-theist and especially anti-Christian). Then, if you are a theist, enjoy that scientists are finding evidence that is what we should have predicted that they would find.

Does this prove we are right – That God obviously exists? Of course not, but it sure is a cool thing when even secular science reports precisely what a Creationist (not an age of the Earth theory, just a source theory) would have predicted.

From “Science Friday”… on March 21, 2014 Alan Guth, Lawrence Krauss, and John Kovac were interviewed about the new input on the expansion of the universe.

I am hesitant to give direct credit for each quote since it is often difficult on the audio to tell who is always speaking. I will guess with confidence when I am pretty sure, but please excuse me if I get the wrong professor/researcher.

The new data is referenced as “…almost unimaginable.” I would imagine so, given that a purely naturalistic perspective would make this information tough to swallow. This research was about what was going on, to quote Krauss, when the universe was “10-35 seconds old …essentially the beginning of time.”

Christian theologians have presented that God created time – that there was a “when” that precedes the movement of time, at least as we understand it. Krauss, at least, seems to agree with that theory. So far so good.

But the coolest stuff came later in the interview. Next week. You are gonna love this.