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5 Inspiring Movies Based on True Stories

  • Ryan Duncan blogspot for and Ryan Duncan, Entertainment and Culture editor
  • 2015 May 29

Sometimes, the best stories are the ones that also happen to be true. These testimonies serve to remind us that impossible things are happening every day, and for Christians, they reveal God’s work in our lives. Over the years, Hollywood has noticed that real events of perseverance and bravery have a place in viewers’ hearts. So if you’re looking for movies with inspirational true stories, look no further than the five films on this list.

Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace is the uplifting tale of how one man led the campaign against slave trade in the British Empire. William Wilberforce was an influential speaker and a popular member of the British parliament. Convinced that God had called him to end the slave trade in his homeland, he and a small group of abolitionists set out to create reform despite significant danger to themselves. The fight took over 20 years, and left Wilberforce physically and emotionally exhausted, but eventually he helped pass a bill that abolished the slave trade forever. His journey of faith is one every Christian should know.

Freedom Writers

When Erin Gruwell began her first day teaching at a low-income public High School, she was shocked to discover a student body divided by race and gang-violence. Despite poor funding, and the ridicule of her fellow teachers, Gruwell worked tirelessly to benefit her students. She taught them to share their stories through writing, and give voice for their struggles. Together, they slowly found they were more than what society had branded them. Freedom Writers is the amazing true story of how one class of students learned to rise above their fear and hatred.


In 1979, an Iranian activists stormed the United States embassy in Tehran, taking over 50 people hostage. Six staff members managed to escape and take refuge in the home of a Canadian ambassador, but in order to get them out, the CIA needed a plan that was almost too crazy to work. Luckily for them, the CIA was a fan of movies. Argo is the harrowing tale of how an unlikely band of government agents, Hollywood producers, and Canadian diplomats pulled off one of the most amazing capers in history.

Soul Surfer

Teenager Bethany Hamilton loved to surf. Her talent and passion for the sport made her a rising star in competitive circles, but all that changed when a brutal shark attack left her without an arm. Lost and despondent, Bethany almost gave up surfing entirely. However, with the help of her Church, and the encouragement of her family, Bethany learned how to get back on her board. Her story is a shining example of how faith can overcome any adversity.


In 1951, Philomena Lee was forced to give her infant son up for adoption. For years she had no idea where he was, or if he was even alive, until a cynical journalist by the name of Martin Sixsmith fell into her life. Together, the two of them set out to find Philomena’s lost son, and recount the story of her life. Beautiful andtragic, Philomena is a hopeful story of a mother’s love, a Christian’s faith, and the freedom that can be found in forgiveness.

What about you? What are your favorite movies based off true events?

*Published 5/29/2015