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6 Things on Netflix You Should be Watching

  • blogspot for and Ryan Duncan, Entertainment and Culture editor
  • Updated Jan 26, 2017

It’s almost hard to imagine a time without Netflix. The streaming giant has quickly become a cornerstone in our daily entertainment. Aside from showcasing our favorite movies and TV shows, the company has released their own comedies, documentaries, and even feature films to massive critical acclaim. 2016 alone brought us a number of binge-worthy series such as Stranger Things and Marvel’s Luke Cage, but which programs should be at the top of every viewer’s watch list? Well, that’s what we’re here to find out.

Over at Relevant Magazine, Courtney Bareman has compiled a list of interesting shows every would-be Netflix geek should check out. Below, you’ll find a handful of her best selections, along with a few entries we couldn’t help but add ourselves. Here are six shows you should definitely be watching on Netflix.


“In the wake of post-Christmas excess, Minimalism is a sharp breath of fresh air. It challenges and inspires viewers to live differently. This documentary aims to show that the American idea of more is better is not true and that we can truly be more free and happier with less. Many of the people in Minimalismhad achieved ‘success’ by our cultural standards, but were left feeling disillusioned, anxious and depleted so they decided to live radically different than most Americans.”

“This is a close look at the reality of our current consumerist culture. For many people, this subject is touchy and often emotionally loaded, but many viewers can ultimately find freedom and even have their lives changed by seeing the people in the show wrestle with what is truly important.”

Bob’s Burgers

If you haven’t been watching this charming, animated series than you’ve been missing out. Centered on a struggling burger restaurant of the same name, Bob’s Burgers follows the eccentric Belcher family as they attempt to tackle life, work, and teenage hormones as a family. Every member of the series has their own sense of off-brand humor. From the longsuffering patriarch Bob, to the Machiavellian schemes of youngest daughter Louise, Bob’s Burgers creates an air of laughter through (mostly) clean humor. Furthermore, with almost five seasons under its belt, this is one Netflix comedy that can last you several weekends.

The Crown

The Crown won big at the Golden Globes winning Best Drama Series and Best Performance by an actress beating out stiff competition in both categories (Game of Thrones, Westworld). The awards were completely well-deserved. There are so many things this series gets right.”

“Somehow The Crown not only makes history interesting, but it works its way into your heart as you’re watching it. Several episodes focus on Winston Churchill and those are some of the most compelling given the character he is and what a life he lived. I have a new appreciation for the calculated emotion and words that often come from the Royal Family after watching this believing it is often a measure of strength and wisdom, not just cold detachment as others may perceive.”


Sometimes, the greatest adventures are the ones happening right outside our windows. This epic nature series spans the globe to deliver some of the most astonishing moments within the animal kingdom. From a nail-biting cheetah hunt, to the marching of a literal crab army, Life offers its viewers both drama and comedy courtesy of God’s own creation. This, ultimately, is what makes the series so fascinating. As Christians, we can witness the daily lives of these creatures, and resonate with the words written Genesis, “and He saw that it was good”.

A Series of Unfortunate Events

“One of the more anticipated new series is one that follows the popular book series. This series is full of creative elements starring a recognizable cast that includes Neil Patrick Harris, Will Arnett and Joan Cusack. The storytelling is imaginative and reminiscent of Tim Burton with a comical but darker edge to it.”

“The opening credits sing a catchy, albeit dark tune encouraging you as the viewer to look away. The series follows the lives of the three newly orphaned siblings and all the unfortunate events that come their way at the hands of the adults in their lives who are making decisions, over which they have no control. This is a fresh look at a beloved classic and Netflix spares no detail in bringing the books to life.”

Agatha Christi’s Poirot

Sherlock Holmes may be the detective on everyone’s mind, but viewers shouldn’t neglect Agatha Christi’s Poirot. Based on books of the same name, Agatha Christi’s Poirit follows the adventures of the brilliant, Belgian investigator Hercule Poirot as he uses his “little gray cells” to solve a number of dastardly murders. The series has all the hallmarks of an old-fashioned “whodunnit”; numerous suspects, fantastic locations, buried secrets, it’s the classical mystery genre we’ve all come to know and love. What makes Poirot truly brilliant, however, is that even in the midst of these grand escapades the show will still makes time to extol the virtues of honesty, faith, and even forgiveness. It’s a nice touch modern television has forgotten, and something we’re glad to see again.

What about you? Did your favorite show make our list? If not, tell us what we should be watching in the comments below!

*Published 1/23/2017