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Ava DuVernay Creating Central Park Five Series

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  • 2017 Jul 07
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Director Ava DuVernay has never shied away from controversial subjects. Before taking the reins of the upcoming Wrinkle in Time movie, DuVernay showcased her ability with such films as Selma and 13th, both of which chronicled the systemic injustices heaped upon African Americans. Now, according to Relevant Magazine, DuVernay hopes to bring that same passion to an upcoming Netflix miniseries on the Central Park Five, one she’ll be creating, writing, and directing.

The Central Park Five is the name given to a group of five Harlem teenagers who were wrongly arrested for the rape of a woman in 1989. Though eventually exonerated in 2014, their story has resurface in modern news after a major newspaper ad surfaced calling for the boys’ execution. The ad in question was written by now-president Donald Trump, who has still refuses to acknowledge their innocence. Though no release date or casting announcement has been given, it’s likely the series will hit Netflix sometime in 2019.

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*Published 7/7/2017