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Downton Abbey Actress Heads New Faith-Based Documentary

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  • 2016 Jan 27

Could you give up your most cherished dream, to pursue your life’s true calling? This question shaped the life of Lilias Trotter, one of history’s greatest female artists and the subject of the upcoming documentary, Many Beautiful Things. Featuring the voices of Michelle Dockery (Downton Abbey) andJohn Rhys-Davies (The Lord of the Rings), Many Beautiful Things takes viewers on a journey to the Victorian Era and introduces them to an extraordinary woman of faith.

Lilias Trotter was once a prodigious, self-taught artist who caught the eye of social philosopher and art critic, John Ruskin. Captivated by her work, Ruskin promised she would become the world’s greatest living painter, but only if she gave herself completely to her art. Trotter refused. She believed God was calling her down a different path, and resolved to “seek first the Kingdom of God” by becoming a missionary in Algeria. Many Beautiful Things will chronicle Trotter’s remarkable life, while finally giving her work the recognition it is due.

The film will make its first debut on Feb. 6 at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, with theatrical screenings taking place around the country Feb. 7 – 14. Many Beautiful Things will also be available for download and on DVD this March on International Women’s Day.

For more information, check out the film’s official website.

*Published 1/27/2016

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