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The Christmas Movie Scorecard

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  • 2016 Dec 01

Everyone has a favorite Christmas movie, but which ones are truly the best? What separates the holiday classic from the cheesy TV special? Well, I am pleased to announce that through rigorous testing and a little too much eggnog, this winter quandary has finally been solved. I give you, the Christmas Movie Scorecard! A defining tally of the best (and worst) features that make up any Christmas film.

The rules are simple: choose any Christmas movie and go down the list, adding and subtracting points as you go. What score will your favorite achieve?

  1. The movie is animated (+10 points)
  2. The movie is stop motion animated (+15 points)
  3. The movie features Santa (+5 points, unless you told your children Santa doesn’t exist, in which case -5 points)
  4. The movie is a musical (+10 points)
  5. The movie is a remake of an older Christmas film (-5 points)
  6. The movie has rhyming narration (+5 points)
  7. The protagonists rescue Santa at some point in the story (+5 points)
  8. The movie stars Tim Allen (-10 points)
  9. There are elves (+10 points)
  10. There are Muppets (+15 points)
  11. There is some kind of winter monster (Choose whether to add or subtract 5 points, you know in your heart what’s right.)
  12. There is a dog dressed as a reindeer (+15 points)
  13. A classic Christmas song originated from this film (+10 points)
  14. A classic Christmas song was the basis for this film (-15 points)
  15. The 3 Wise Men make an appearance (+5 points)
  16. Jesus makes an appearance (+15 points)
  17. Some version of the Christmas story is told (+15 points)
  18. The movie incorporates other holidays (-10 points)
  19. The movie features a crazy relative (+10 points)
  20. The movie is Love Actually (- All the points)

Total Score: __

Christmas Rank

0 – 19: Bah Humbug
20 – 39: Figgy Pudding
40 – 59: Maids a-Milking
60 – 79: Roast Beast
80 – 100: Merry Christmas!

How did your favorite Christmas movie perform? What holiday classics do you enjoy watching this December?

*Published 12/4/2015