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Watch Two Men Fly Around Dubai on Jet Packs

  • blogspot for and Ryan Duncan, Entertainment and Culture editor
  • 2015 May 12

It’s hard to imagine that only a short time ago, a pair of brothers stood somewhere in North Carolina and prepared to do the impossible. Up until then flying had always been the stuff of dreams, but the moment the Wright brothers Kitty Hawk left the ground, everything changed. Now, years later, planes and helicopters have become a part of everyday life. Despite that, humans are still discovering new ways to experience the freedom of flight, as demonstrated in a new video from Relevant Magazine. Accompanying the clip is this brief summary,

“A duo known as the Jetman Dubai team has released an incredible, 12-minute video showing them flying over the desert and around the world’s largest buildings wearing actual jetpacks. It’s as awesome as it sounds ...”

To watch Jetman Dubai’s amazing video, just click here.

*Published 5/12/2015