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12 Ways to Help Your Children Honor Veterans

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  • 2014 Nov 10

Right now, department stores across the country are stocking up on paper snowflakes and donning their holiday gear. Everyone’s mind in on Christmas, and Thanksgiving has once again been forgotten amidst all the bright lights and celebration. However, what even staunchest turkey supporter may not realize is there’s another important holiday that often goes overlooked in November: Veterans Day. Veterans Day is a federal holiday meant to honor the men and women who served in the United States military. Sadly, Veterans Day, along with the brave soldiers its meant to dignify, frequently gets ignored by most Americans.

Tricia Goyer of Momlife Today believes this is a mistake. Not only should we be paying attention to the people who gave so much for our freedom, we should also teach our children about their sacrifice. Goyer herself begins by listing 12 Ways to Help Your Children Honor Veterans, including examples like:

“2. If you have older kids, have them do a more formal interview and submit it to the Library of Congress through the Veteran’s History Project.”

“8. Attend a local Veterans Day parade or ceremony. Make posters to take with you. Take time to introduce yourselves to the veterans afterward.”

“10. Call up your local VA hospital or VA organization and ask if there is a way your family can volunteer for the day. Who knows, you might just want to make it a regular occurrence.”

“11. Read a novel that deals with World War II with your teen. I wrote a few, including From Dust to Ashes and Remembering You.”

Another writer who believes in the significance of Veterans Day is Jill Savage, who gave her own ideas while reminiscing of an uncle she lost in World War II. Like Goyer, Savage believes it’s important that we instill children with the proper understanding and respect for Veterans Day. She also lists a few simple ways this can be accomplished,

  • When sitting down for a family meal Thursday evening, tell your children about Veterans Day. Help them understand why it is important to honor those who protect and fight for our freedom.”
  • Visit with a veteran who can share what serving their country in the military was like for them. Ask them about the challenges and the valuable experience it gave them.”
  • Display an American flag at your home. Have your kids help you put the flag out and explain to them what our flag represents.”

As American Christians, we are particularly blessed with all kinds of religious freedoms. This Veterans Day, let’s be sure to remember and honor those brave individuals who fought to make those freedoms possible.

*Published 11/10/2014

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