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5 Things You Should Know about Narcissistic Leaders

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  • Updated May 16, 2016

Were you surprised when you heard that Donald Trump would most likely be the republican nominee for president? Whether you agree with his policies or not, or you like or dislike his personality, Trump’s support is undeniable. When we look at our candidates for president, we must ask what kind of leader they will be—what character traits do they tend to lead with and act with? And this goes for any leader in any leadership position.

Allison Fallon, a blogger and author, has written an article titled Why We Follow Strong, Dangerous, Narcissistic Leaders. She asks, “What is it that we find so compelling about narcissistic leaders? Why are we attracted to them?”

Here are 5 points from Fallon on why narcissistic leaders capture our attention:

1. They are incredibly charismatic and convincing.
These leaders are experts in the charm department. They are “smart, intuitive, believable, and great storytellers,” says Fallon. Their charisma and ability to convince others makes them appear trustworthy.

2. They control the story.
Narcissistic leaders know what to say and what NOT to say. They are careful to create a clear story, even if it isn’t true. Fallon advises, “Sometimes these leaders tell stories that don’t even make any sense, but they repeat them over and over again to us—enough times that we actually begin to believe them.”

3. They understand the power of group think.
These leaders tend to win many friends and have a vast array of supporters. Having this support helps validate the stories they are putting out. Fallon relays, “This is one of the hardest parts about dealing with a narcissist, since there are always a good number of people who like them, even love them, and who feel threatened anytime you suggest this person might not be who he or she says he is.”

4. They make us feel powerful.
Not only do narcissists feel powerful, they aim to help their supporters feel safe and protected, which in a sense makes them feel powerful too. Fallon warns, “And until we wake up one day and realize that we have more power than we ever dreamed possible and that with great power comes great responsibility, we will keep clinging to these strong, dangerous, narcissistic leaders.” 

5. They make us think they have something we don’t.
As Fallon states, these leaders “are not necessarily more powerful or more intelligent than any of the rest of us,” and they are certainly not God. She continues,

It’s important to understand that while narcissists seem to be on top of the world when they’re at their best, when they’re true nature reveals itself, it is incredibly destructive. It ruins businesses and families and destroys relationships and lives.”

While Narcissistic leaders have a tendency to gain trust in the beginning, after their true character traits are revealed they have a tendency to cause more fear than comfort. These leaders seek to control individual expression, creativity, and innovation. So what can we do? Fallon recommends the following: begin to recognize the traits of narcissism, and acknowledge your ability to make choices in your support.

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Not only are there secular narcissists, there are also spiritual narcissists. Contributor Ryan Duncan has written a post titled 5 Warning Signs of a Spiritual Narcissist. He points out these 5 signs for a spiritual narcissist:

1. They constantly reference their own achievements.
2. They take over every conversation.
3. They twist Scripture to fit their own personal agenda.
4. They profess love but do not show it.
5. And finally they know how to give a great speech, but they don’t know how to listen.

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Publicaiton date: May 16, 2016