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9 Lies Satan Tells You About Being Single

Are you living the single life as a Christian? Have your friends ever tried to explain away, or justify, your singleness? Have you doubted God’s ability to find you a mate, or doubted your own value as a person because of your singleness? Have you ever been tempted to daydream that marriage might just solve all your problems?

Emma Thornett has. Today on The Briefing she discussed nine lies single Christians believe in her blog post “Satan’s Lies About Singleness.”

“When I was younger, thinner and less cynical, it was easy to imagine that God would send a husband along for me. Who wouldn’t love me? I was amazing back then! But the longer I remain unchosen (and that’s certainly how it feels), the easier it is to think that God’s power can’t reach this part of my life.

But I need to remember that in fact I am not unchosen. God himself has chosen me. And at the risk of stating the obvious, if God can create the universe just by speaking (Genesis 1); if he can cause Pharaoh to let the Israelites go (Exodus 12); if he can raise Jesus Christ from the dead (Luke 24 ; if he can use the purposes of evil men for his good purposes (Acts 2:22-24); if he can give us new life and change us from people who hate him to people who want to serve him (1 Peter 1); if he can—well, do I need to list every event in the Bible? If God can do all this, then he can find me (and you) a husband, easily.”

Many key points Tornett hits upon have been vigorously discussed on the Crosswalk Singles channel. For example, in a recent article aimed at single women struggling with insecurity, Debra Fileta writes,

“My heart breaks for the many women I have met who have settled for less. Women who didn’t believe they were worth magnificent, extravagant, and crazy love. I’m saddened by how easy it is for women to give their hearts, sometimes to the most undeserving of men. Women will only be choosy when they believe that they are worth choosing. When they believe they are a treasure worth finding and a gem worth keeping. We have strayed so far from our God-created identity…

I think part of the problem as Christian women lies in our fear of trusting God. Deep down, we want to trust Him, but we wonder if we really can. We wonder if He will really follow through. We wonder if He knows us as well as we think we know ourselves.”

Author and long-time single Lina Abujamra has this to say about the attitude Christian singles should cultivate:

“For now, suffice it to say that your purpose as a single Christian is to please the Lord. You cannot please the Lord when you’re nursing a grudge about your singleness. You cannot please the Lord when you’re questioning His judgment and criticizing His will. You cannot please the Lord when you place your desires higher than His purposes for your life.

Your purpose in life has not been botched by your singleness. You are not a mutant in God’s design for marriage.

God created you for the sole purpose of knowing Him and making Him known. Your singleness is God’s perfect place for you to thrive. You don’t have to wait for your knight in shining armor to start living. You can know the Lord fully and serve Him wholly right here, right now.”

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Publication date: August 19, 2013