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9 Must Do's While You're Still Single

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  • 2014 Jul 24

Molly Jasinski has been single her entire life, and she’s learned to live to the fullest no matter her relationship status. In her trending piece, 9 Things to Do While You’re Still Single, Molly shares some great advice for others who are similarly unattached. Here are just a few of her suggestions.

1. Travel as much as possible.  It gets harder to plan (and afford!) trips the more people you add to the itinerary. Take advantage of a flexible schedule and go see the world!

2. Save money. Financial stress can happen to anyone, married or single. Learning the discipline of saving money is just good life knowledge. And learning to budget now is one less thing to adjust to once you’re married, Jasinski notes.

3. Enjoy time with friends. Marriage relationships aren’t the only important relationships in life. Focusing on friendships now will help to preserve them for when schedules are trickier to coordinate.

4. Get involved with church. This tip is really for everyone. Your church needs your gifts and talents—don’t wait to get involved and serve! If your schedule isn’t as full as you’d like, you can use this time to invest in others.

5. Live with friends. “Once you marry your future spouse, that’s the last roommate you’ll ever choose to live with,” Jasinski writes. So why not live with a few close friends now?

You can read the rest of Jasinski’s tips here—which include shooting for those academic dreams, going on mission trips and most importantly, spending time with God.

Want even more ideas? contributor Debra Fileta recently gave us 10 equally awesome ideas for taking advantage of your singleness. I love her point about taking time to heal. “When I speak around the country to singles about love and relationships, I always start by reminding them that 'you will always attract a person who is on your level of health.' Human beings are magnetic, and we’re always drawn to people who are similar to us psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually. Look inward and deal with your past, discover your present, and envision your future. In your process of becoming whole, seek healing now, while you’re standing alone.”

So, what do you think? What other tips would you give singles? As a single person, do any of these tips resonate or feel unhelpful? Let us know in the comments section!

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