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Sex Trafficking is Probably Happening in Your Town, Here's What You Can Do to Stop It

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  • 2015 Mar 02

We like to think of slavery as something that only exists in the past. A terrible chapter in human history that was finally ended thanks to the work of men like William Wilberforce and Fredrick Douglass. Unfortunately, the institution of slavery is still very much alive, it’s just taken on a new name: Human Trafficking. Every year, countless victims (many of them children) are bought and sold in the secret markets around the world, and only by our intercession can this monstrous enterprise finally be ended forever. But where do we start?        

Kim Hunt of Relevant Magazine believes there are four ways Christians can join the fight against human trafficking. The most important being to “educate” and “advocate”,   

“Educate Yourself

Human trafficking is more than sex trafficking, and human trafficking is more than women and girls. Take some time to research what human trafficking is and how you can recognize the signs of trafficking so you can be prepared to report it if you see it. Polaris Project runs the National Human Trafficking Hotline. You can call them to report human trafficking, but they are also available to help answer questions and provide information about the problem (1-888-3737-888).

The Human Trafficking Center also has a lot of information about human trafficking is and what it looks like around the world.”


Our policies and systems are allowing human trafficking to continue. While many U.S. states have anti-trafficking laws, many are in need of improvement. Polaris Project has a whole page on how you can take action and advocate for better laws that can prevent trafficking and improve access to resources for survivors. Your voice is needed.

You can also advocate for people around the world through supporting development programs. The U.S. government has a lot of incredible projects around the world for education, clean water, food security and capacity building. These opportunities and programs help keep people out of the clutches of human traffickers. They are also always in danger of being cut by lawmakers seeking to trim the budget—even though poverty-focused development assistance constitutes less than 1 percent of the overall budget. You can join Micah Challenge as they seek to protect development assistance programs that can help keep people out of situations of human trafficking.”

For Christians looking to join the fight against slavery, organizations like the End It Movement, the Laboratory to Combat Human Trafficking, and the Human Trafficking Center, also provide a number of opportunities to get involved. Just like our abolitionist forefathers, God is calling us to stand up for what’s right, and to protect those who can’t protect themselves. We are to fight for the lost, are you ready to do your part?

Know of any other resources to end human trafficking? Share them in the comments below.


* This article first published 3/2/2015

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