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We'll Miss the Right Now Someday

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  • 2015 Dec 31

If there’s one common sentiment around each and every new year, it’s that that time flies by. I’m a country music fan myself, and the songs “Don’t Blink” and “You’re Gonna Miss This” come to mind, because the days, months, and years seem to go by so quickly.

Sarah Bessey, author and mother of four young children, published a post this week called “Someday” about how she imagines someday telling other young moms “it goes so fast.”

“It goes so fast. It’s true. And it goes slowly, too,” Bessey says. “Those future-mothers-and-fathers will probably do what I do when I meet those ladies at the park and the grocery store and the bank, they will nod and smile through their exhaustion and say, yes, I know out of kindness and respect while something inside them is thinking but, lady, it’s also so tiring and kind of hard sometimes.”

While I’m not a wife or a mother yet, I can only imagine how tiring it all can be. My life feels like a lot, and it’s only me that I have to manage right now. Just thinking about balancing work, health, and a personal life with motherhood, marriage, and running a household makes me exhausted.

“Some nights, I get into bed and I think I have never been more tired and I will never be this tired ever again,” Bessey says. “I say things to my husband like I wish I could go back in time to smack my own self for every time I ever said that I was tired or busy before this time. He’s usually asleep already. Other nights, I get into bed and say this is the best and I love every second of it and our tinies are amazing and gracious, I’m just so thankful. He’s usually asleep already. Because this season of life is wonderful and it’s hard, too.”

If you’re in a season of life that is both wonderful and hard, take heart that you aren’t alone. This season might feel slow and endless, but it too will go by more quickly than you realize now. This new year will come and another will seem to follow right after, and the seasons will change in the blink of an eye.

Remember this season you are in. Maybe, like Bessey, you should write down notes so in the future of someday, you can remember all that this present era held.

“These are the days we’ll miss and these are the days that also feel like they won’t ever end. It can be both at the same time, I know that now. We get to hold the wonder and sleepiness, the boring and the magical at the same time, the work and the delight, the mundane repetition and the ferocious love altogether, it’s not one or the other.”

As you’re writing resolutions and setting goals for 2016, look back at 2015 first. Take some time to reflect on it all. The calendar pages will flip and new changes will come, and they’ll be challenging and wonderful all at the same time. What you’ve experienced this year helped grow and shape who you’ll be next year. The big things, the milestones, the to-do lists, the successes, the million loads of laundry, the soccer games and dance recitals, the grocery shopping, the vacations, the projects, the deadlines, the friendships, it’s all life right now.

“The Right Now is so beautiful, it makes me dizzy with gratitude and it also makes me want a nap,” Bessey says. And all the tired, busy moms, dads, and hard-working people said amen!

Let’s note the things that make up life right now, because they won’t always make up life in the future. Let’s count our blessings and express our gratitude, because this life is full of so many beautiful gifts that we should appreciate and praise God for. Life goes by quickly and slowly, full of hard times and joyful times, mundane at times and meaningful even still, and someday, we’ll look back and think, it all goes so fast.

May the start of this new year be a sweet and special time for you and yours! May you make it count, knowing it won’t last forever but it’s beautiful all the same.

Publication date: December 31, 2015

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