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The Readers' Choice

Sometimes I post a blog that I think is brilliant and it is met with a deafening yawn and the sounds of cyber crickets. At other times I have written an article that I thought was average and that piece has resonated with readers. So it it with considerable interest and overall confusion that I count down your Top 10 posts from my site Confessions of a Bad Christian...

Number 10: What Would Jesus Say?

Number 9: It’s not easy being green and evangelical

Number 8: How to be a good buddy for cancer patients

Number 7: You have been warned!

Number 6: Is manliness endangered?

Number 5: Won the battle. Losing the war?

Number 4: Enroll now in the Canine School of Evangelism

Number 3: A Gentle Proposal to deal with Chad Allen, End of the Spear, Every Tribe Entertainment and One Another

Number 2: Sentences that change your life

And the very surprising (to me) top rated post.

Number 1: Time to post and run

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