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Launching Into Freedom Webcast

I am so excited to announce the Launching Into Freedom Conference to be held this Saturday, April 10.

A friend of mine went through a really tough time a while back. Her daughter was really sick and nearly died, and then her husband left and filed for divorce. It was a pretty dark season, as you can imagine. 

She needed help, encouragement, support, resources…  What made this a little different for my friend is that she is a Transformational Coach by profession. And so, when she got back on her feet and started moving forward again, she wanted to put together some help and support for other women who have also gone through divorce.

She wanted all that pain to mean something, to accomplish something good, and she felt like God wanted her to do something special!  She is hosting this FREE, one-day live event and she has asked me to be part of it!

I’m teaming up with her, along with a number of other amazing people, who want to encourage YOU or anyone you know who might need this conference to help walk through the difficult season of divorce!

Here are some things we will be talking about:

  • How to find some peace through the storm
  • Is it even possible to forgive?
  • What will life look like going forward?
  • Will things ever get back to a new normal?
  • How to overcome pain
  • Will I ever find love again?
  • And much more!

These will be short, to the point, conversations with incredible speakers - people who have battle scars like yours, and who live to help you survive – and thrive!

So- what would it be worth for you to know how to get back to a better life?  What would it be worth to be able to listen, firsthand, to the stories of others who can help you? This is such a valuable opportunity and it’s FREE for you right now!

I really want you to be there, on April 10th at 11am Central, so here’s the link to register for your FREE ticket!

Please sign up now and invite anyone you know who might need the encouragement!

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