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Let's Be Thankful

Happy Thanksgiving!

Have you contemplated those things for which you are thankful? I know I have many things.

My health.

My family.

My job.




And, of course, my Savior whose love and forgiveness and faithfulness is the one constant in this life. Where would I be without Him?

Today, though.

Today, I am thankful for my Father who knows exactly what I need, exactly when I need it.

Today, I had a work meeting. I expected a regular, nose-to-the-grind, business meeting. Instead, my co-worker arrived overflowing with emotions. It had been that one last issue that pushed her over the edge. As she apologized for her emotions, we stepped back and just spent a few minutes connecting. Sharing our hurts and pains in this life. Sharing our hearts and our pasts. Talking about the similarities in our lives.

Sometimes, work can wait.

I was reminded of several important pieces to living a successful and purposeful life:

Relationships are key. It was SO good to connect with another individual, to sit with someone and have a deep, meaningful conversation. I love my job these days--the ability to work from home and have more availability to my family. At the same time, I realize it is easy to become isolated from the outside world.

I'm not sure I realized just how isolated I have been. I have my incredible family right here, and we talk and connect every single day. But since Covid hit, our connections with the outside world have been severely impacted. I just didn't realize how much it affected me.

God has a purpose for each of us. I was reminded today that God gave me a purpose. I was reminded that He gave me a story and a heart to help hurting people. I was reminded of how He carried me through the hardest season of my life so I could help others as they walk a similar journey.

These last few months I have really struggled to get my feet underneath me. I have questioned my purpose, if I should continue on this journey. Today, I was reminded that God's purpose is far bigger than I am.

Even when it seems He is late, His timing is always perfect. So often it seems God is late. Where is He? Why hasn't He come through yet? The truth is that He is working. We can't fully understand his timing, but He sees from eternity to eternity. He understands all the intricacies that we don't. He knows the consequences of poor timing. He is working for our good in all things (Romans 8:28).

I don't know about you, but I needed this precious reminder of the faithfulness of my Father today. What a way to enter Thanksgiving--filled with gratitude for my Father who sees me and knows me and knows what I need--even when I don't.

How about you? What are you thankful for today? How have you seen His presence in recent days?

Praying you all have an amazing day of gratitude! God bless!