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Christians, Homophobia, and the Thought Police


A report from across the pond has a strange twist in it that should alarm individuals everywhere, not just Christians. You be the judge.


BBC reports that "a retired couple were [sic] accused of being homophobic after they sent a letter to their local council objecting to what they saw as its pro-gay stance." The couple complained at the council’s effort "to promote awareness of gay issues. The devout Christians said the council was 'pandering' to minority groups and said they felt discriminated against."


The pair, Mr. and Mrs. Roberts, "had questioned the council's bid to improve equality, part of which would see gay lifestyle magazines distributed around staff areas. Mr. Roberts had asked if the council would display Christian leaflets, and was told all applications would be considered, but nothing that would offend minority groups would be approved."


Further, in his letter, Mr. Roberts wrote, "If gay people made the decision not to think gay, they would not act gay. Whatever they are giving their attention to will eventually mould them into its image."


A couple of issues may be raised here before the twist. First, the couple was accused of being homophobic. In an increasingly secular and postmodern world, those who disagree with the homosexual lifestyle or raise moral questions in connection to homosexuality will automatically be labeled as homophobic. The implication is that such individuals suffer from mental illness. This label is indeed a form of discrimination. It won't be long before homophobia is classified in psychology's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual.


Second, the promotion of gay awareness combined with the distribution of gay lifestyle magazines could indeed be construed as discrimination. While Christians should glory in liberty for all, the government may not endorse one lifestyle over another. Why would we go down such a road again?


Why indeed? For one thing, Christ said it would be this way.


Christian leaflets will certainly not be distributed around staff areas as they would no doubt be offensive to minority groups. One wonders why it is so difficult to see the offensive nature of distributing gay material. The homosexual lifestyle is considered to be morally reprehensible and therefore repugnant to a large segment of the population. Religious material would be far less objectionable. Yet, it no doubt will remain out of sight while the homosexual agenda is foisted upon us.


Further, there is no doubt that Roberts' statement concerning the fact that if people did not think gay they would not act gay has raised some ire. Yet, the statement is true in the sense that sinful actions flow from the sinful heart and in the sense that we have the responsibility to turn from our sin. The practicing homosexual need only fly to Christ to be delivered.


Now, here's the twist. "A Lancashire Police spokesman said: 'As a matter of routine, a police officer attended an address in Fleetwood to make further inquiries and to establish whether any crime had been or was likely to be committed. As a result of those inquiries, words of suitable advice were given and we will not be taking any further action. Hate crime is a very serious matter and all allegations must be investigated thoroughly."


There you have it. Disagreement with a position or lifestyle that is deemed politically correct is now to be scrutinized to determine whether or not such disagreement is a crime. While no crime was deemed to have been committed in this case, we are one step closer to the outlawing of ideas. Of course, it is Christian ideas that are primarily on the chopping block. But, this step does not bode well for anyone.


George Orwell may have missed the date by a few years in his prophetic work 1984, yet the "Thought Police" are not some distant piece of fiction anymore. They are coming with force and speed. And when they get here, God help us all.

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