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Sexual Perversion, A Juggernaut Only Christ Can Stop


A shocking book will no doubt cause much consternation in the Christian world. According to WorldNetDaily, it features "multiple Ph.D. 'experts' claiming that sex with children 'can benefit' boys and even serve a 'mentoring function.'" The book is entitled Same-Sex Desire and Love in Greco-Roman Antiquity and in the Classical Tradition of the West. This example of academic moral erosion actually praises "earlier civilizations, particularly Greece and Rome, for the role homosexuality played in those ancient cultures."

In one chapter, Dr. Bruce Rind "lauds the rampant child molestation that reportedly occurred in those societies, at one point citing evolution as supporting a pro-pedophilia worldview. Writes Rind: 'Pederasty, or sexual relations between adults and adolescent boys, is condemned in our society as an unqualified evil that maims and destroys. In ancient
Greece, samurai Japan, and numerous other cultures, pederasty was seen as the noblest of human relations.'"

What is now termed "adult-child" or "intergenerational" sex is now being referred to warningly as the newest big "sexual liberation" movement by David Kupelian. He noted, "Many people seem to think having sex with children is a good thing...A reported 100,000 websites now offer illegal child pornography, and worldwide child porn generates a reported three billion dollars in revenues every year."

Kupelian attributes much of this acceptance to Alfred Kinsey and his research. He comments, "It's amazing that, to this day, Kinsey, who is now known to have been a full-bore sexual psychopath, is still glorified as a scientific pioneer and cultural hero." Amazing indeed: how far our society has fallen in the name of sexual liberation and advance. When the likes of Kinsey become our gurus and heroes at the same time, little is left to do but sing the funeral dirge on dying civilization.

A few glaring issues emerge from this horrific notion of what some are saying should be considered as normal and healthy. First, did we not see this move coming? Beginning with Kinsey in the academic world and the sexual revolution in the counter culture of the sixties, could we not predict this assertion? If not, certainly the feminist movement and the more recent homosexual agenda have certainly removed the blinders. Combine sexual freedom with postmodern philosophy and the inevitable result is a society with no moral values or judgments whatsoever. With homosexuality increasingly propagated as normal, combined with the philosophical rationale behind such, there is nothing to prevent intergenerational sex from being viewed in a positive way. A day is coming and is indeed already here when child molestation will be viewed as good, healthy, and acceptable. The postmodern worldview cannot support another position. Only the Christian worldview posits and supports an absolute moral standard that is universal in scope. Intergenerational sex with its attending variety of form is indeed perversion of the worst kind as it lies within the context of homosexuality and its naturally destructive force and direction.

Second, Christians should not be surprised at such as the Scriptures are clear in regard to the downward spiral of sin as a result of God’s removal of restraining grace. Rom. 1:18f is clear on the subject with the recurring theme represented by v. 26: "For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections." The increasing sinfulness of sin is inevitable in a fallen world. Increasing perversion is a reminder to the Christian that God's wrath abides upon those who don't know Christ. As such, it should cause us as Christians to take God, sin, Hell, and evangelism seriously.


Third, this issue sadly highlights the direction our culture is headed at breakneck speed. No culture can survive such developments for a sustained period of time. Unless the God of grace intervenes with genuine revival, developments like these will only get worse. Christians should give attention to earnest prayer in this regard that the church might gain a measure of spiritual strength that the gospel might go forth in our barren land. Political action will not slow this juggernaut of immorality down. Christ is our only hope.

Fourth, with increasing numbers of persons accepting such behavior as normal, their condemnation is in their description: "Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them (Rom. 1:31)." In one sense, it is difficult to decry this outrageous position when the vast majority of Americans not only ignore such developments, but even promote or at least affirm the same by endorsing sexual perversion through their expenditures at the theaters or their television viewing habits in their own homes. At the same time, we must sadly admit that scads of Christians are no different. For all of the consternation this book will cause in the Christian world, it remains to be seen as to whether or not Christians will do anything about it in terms of prayer, gospel witness, and taking responsibility for their own contribution to this blight on society. If we would see the elimination of sexual perversion at the societal level, not only must we pray and preach the gospel, but we must clean up our own house first. How many Christians actually fall under the condemnation of Rom. 1:31 by virtue of what they watch and enjoy on television for example? Surely this position is both hypocrisy and idolatry of the worst kind. Judgment begins at the house of God. May He have mercy on all of us.


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