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Terms Mom & Dad Offend Homosexuals: Sanity Anyone?


Can the push of the left get any worse than forcing a homosexual agenda on an un-willing majority and that through the government school system? Unfortunately, it has gotten worse: not necessarily in terms of the agenda, but in terms of the nature of the agenda.


WorldNetDaily reports, "The California state Senate today passed a bill that removes sex-specific terms such as 'mom' and 'dad' from textbooks and requires students to learn about the contributions homosexuals have made to society. The bill, approved 22-15, would prevent textbooks, teaching materials, instruction and 'school-sponsored activities' from reflecting adversely on anyone based on sexual orientation or actual or perceived gender. A companion bill has yet to go through the legislative process in the state Assembly, but observers believe it likely will pass. It's unclear whether or not Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger would sign the measure if it reaches his desk."


Now we cannot call our mothers "Mom" or our fathers "Dad" without offending others. What can I call my mom now without offending someone? Yes, the issue here is the elimination of that language from textbooks. But, one of the goals of education is to change the way people think. The goal here is to change the way our children think about moms and dads in general, if not their own.


Generally, I don't fall into the rhetoric of "what about me and how you offend me." It's unbecoming of a Christian. And yet, here, I don’t know what I could call my mom other than Mom without offending her. It's time someone said enough is enough and the left has gone beyond the point of ridiculous. Evangelism is still our mandate toward the lost. And yet, when it comes to homosexual activists and their increasingly outlandish ideas, we do well at this point to ignore them. There comes a point when we shake the dust from our feet (Matt. 10:14).


Further, now we have to learn about the contributions homosexuals have made to society, simply because they are homosexual. What happened to the notion that we learn about someone’s contribution to society because he did something great? Next we will have to learn about child-molesters and their contributions to society simply because they are child-molesters. What will it be after that? Will we have to study contributions from people who have died their hair purple simply because they have died their hair purple? Does it begin to sound ridiculous now? I hope so.


Surely no further evidence is needed that the government schools are pushing an anti-God agenda and seeking to indoctrinate the children of America in a way that is completely contrary to the values of most Americans and our founding documents, not to mention Christians. Parents be warned. You may think your children are making a difference in that system. Some may be. Yet, I fear that most are sheep for the slaughter.


As noted, the bill would prevent textbooks from reflecting adversely on anyone based on sexual orientation or actual or perceived gender. If we cannot reflect adversely on anyone based on sexual orientation, does that now mean we cannot speak in an adverse way about a child-molester? We owe a big apology to a lot of people in jail and a host of others on sex offenders lists if that's the case.


Now the terms "Mom" and "Dad" are viewed as reflecting adversely on homosexuals. I guess they don't have moms and dads: they sprang from nothing apparently. And what about the term "perceived gender?" Is there any greater evidence that God's created order is increasingly attacked and eroded with each passing day and that the differences in the genders are being blurred beyond recognition?


Again, whether Gov. Schwarzenegger will sign the bill is unclear at this point. Let's pray he terminates this one. And, while we're praying, let's pray for some sanity in our culture.


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