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31 Prayers for Personal Change

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  • 2005 Aug 14

This morning Skip Olson, leader of the Legacy Campaign at Calvary, announced a new program called "Change is Good." On one level, it's all about motivating people to save their spare change to help retire the debt incurred in our recent renovation campaign. On another level, the deeper goal is to challenge all our people to pray for God to blow winds of change throughout our congregation and in our lives individually. To that end, a bulletin insert listed 31 ways to pray for personal change. I was so impressed by the list that I decided to share with readers of this weblog.

Lord, please change . . .

1) My heart's desire to reflect yours.
2) My attitude about the lost.
3) The way I think.
4) The way I act.
5) My view of money.
6) The way I speak.
7) ____________(fill in the blank as the Spirit leads).

8) Me into a bold witness.
9) Me in unexpected ways.
10) My direction when I wander away from you.
11) My understanding of You.

12) What I watch if it is displeasing to You.

13) My faith in You to make it stronger.

14) ____________(fill in the blank as the Spirit leads).
15) Me to make me more humble.

16) Me to love others as I love myself.
17) Me to be more generous.
18) My prayer habits.
19) My Bible study habits.
20) My focus, so I will store up treasures in heaven.
21) ____________(fill in the blank as the Spirit leads).
22) Me so that I will be more fruitful for you.
23) Me to be a more godly husband, wife.

24) Me to be a more godly father, mother.

25) Me to be a more godly son, daughter.

26) My heart so that I will become a true Kingdom-seeker.
27) My will and bring it in line with Your will.
28) ____________(fill in the blank as the Spirit leads).
29) My bad habits into good habits.
30) Me into the image of Christ.
31) Me in whatever way is pleasing to me.

"And as the Spirit of the Lord works within us, we become more and more like him and reflect his glory even more" (2 Corinthians 3:18 NLT).

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