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47 New Year's Day Sermons

  • Dr. Ray Pritchard
    Dr. Ray Pritchard is the president of Keep Believing Ministries, an Internet-based ministry serving Christians in 225 countries. He is the author of 29 books, including Stealth Attack, Fire and Rain, Credo, The ABCs of Christmas, The Healing Power of Forgiveness, An Anchor for the Soul and Why Did This Happen to Me? Ray and Marlene, his wife of 39 years, have three sons - Josh, Mark and Nick, two daughters-in-law- Leah and Vanessa, and four grandchildren - Knox, Eli, Penny and Violet. His hobbies include biking, surfing the Internet, and anything related to the Civil War.
  • 2012 Dec 27
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Here are 47 sermons suitable for the start of a new year.

Please feel free to use this material in any way that you like. Use it, amend it, change it, improve it, and make it your own. Perhaps you’ll get some good ideas for a sermon. Or you may want to use it for your own devotional reading as we get ready to launch out into a new year for the Lord.

A New Start

Why I Am Not a Pessimist   
Why We Keep Believing
Why We Never Give Up
You Can Stumble, But You Won’t Fall
Lord, Please Change Me


Growing Faith

He’s in Charge... so Relax!   
On the Victory Side
Trees Planted by the Water: How to Get Started Right in the New Year
The Standing Orders of the Gospel
Will 2011 Be a Happy New Year?
What We Owe the Past, What We Owe the Future


God’s Grace

What God Remembers That We Forget   
Why God prefers Losers
Knocked Down But Not Knocked Out
Four Cracked Pots
His Love Endures Forever


Doing God’s Will

Come Before Winter  
When You Need to Know, You’ll Know
How to Have Joy All Year Long
Do You Know What Time It Is


Hope for the Future

Iron Shoes: God’s Promise for Every New Year   
God Finishes What He Starts    
One Word You Shouldn’t Say in 2013
Three Things Not to Worry About Next Year
Overcoming Fear of the Future


Spiritual Growth

Press On!   
Let Us Fix Our Eyes on Jesus
Living on a Spiritual Plateau, Part 1
Living on a Spiritual Plateau, Part 2
Strength for the Journey
Think on These Things
A Friend in High Places



Three Things Not to Worry About Next Year   
Grumblers Anonymous
How to be Happy in Babylon
Some Advice to the Discontented
Have a Blast While You Last
Daily Bread Living
Peace, Be Still! A Short Sermon from the Sea of Galilee


Letting Go of the Past

The Year of Good Riddance    
What Christ Does With Failure


Dealing with Hard Times

Fear Not!     
Why God Makes It Hard When It Ought to be Easy
Why is Life so Hard?
There is No Growth Without Struggle
Can God Set a Table in the Wilderness?

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