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A Chinese Dissident's Faith

  • Dr. Ray Pritchard
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  • 2006 Jun 09

Jim Hoagland, a writer for the Washington Post, recently interviewed Yu Jie, a Chinese writer who says that Christianity will play a decisive role in bringing democracy to China. Along with several house church leaders, Yu Lie met with President Bush at the White House in early May. Here is the heart of Jim Hoagland's column:

"Tens of millions of Chinese are becoming 'house church' Christians," says Yu, 33, who was briefly arrested two years ago for speaking out about human rights. His books and other writings are banned in mainland China, although they have been published in Hong Kong. "House church" Christians worship in private in small numbers without government sanction.

"We are essentially different from the democratic fighters in the past because we have guidance from God. We want to bring changes to China through the love and justice of God and through nonviolent means."

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