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A Short Week

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  • 2006 May 01

This is a short week for us. We arrived home last night from the Love INC conference in Minneapolis. On Thursday we leave for Chicago. Next Sunday I'm speaking in all three Sunday morning services at Arlington Heights Evangelical Free Church. Then next Monday night (May 8) Colin Smith and I will be appearing on TLN Live with Jerry Rose (9-10 PM CDT) on the Total Living Network.

After landing in Tupelo last night, we stopped by Alan's house to pick up Dudley (our six-month-old basset hound) and Jake (Alan's chocolate lab). We put them both in the back seat and headed out to the cabin. We're keeping Jake for a few days because Alan is on a Holy Land tour. Jake is two years old and full of energy. His "love language" is me throwing a tennis ball and him running after it. He doesn't hesitate to jump in the lake to go after a ball. Dudley has even started swimming a little bit because of Jake's influence. Right now Dudley is sleeping on the red rug in the kitchen because he and Jake are big buddies but Jake just wears him out. Let's put it this way. Jake's idea of a good day is chasing balls for 12 hours. Dudley prefers to sleep in the sun and then roll over so I can scratch his belly.

At the moment Marlene is in town doings some shopping. We both have our lists of things we have to do before we hit the road again on Thursday. Updating my blog was on my list, and now that's done.

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