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  • 2005 Jul 11

Last Thursday I signed the contracts with ZDL Books in Beijing for two of my books to be published in Chinese and distributed within China. The whole project has been one of those "God things" from the beginning until now. When we were in Beijing in January visiting our oldest son, we "happened" to attend the international church on the one Sunday when the representative of an American publishing firm "happened" to be there also. Through a "chance" conversation with a man at the book table, I learned about the man from the American publishing firm. He introduced me to the representative of ZDL Books who also "happened" to be there that Sunday also. I put the words in quotes because we didn't have the slightest idea that we would meet anyone who could help us get the books translated and published in China.

We're starting with two books published by Moody Publishers:

The ABCs of Wisdom, subtitled "Building Character With Solomon." The book will probably be published in China with a title like "Wisdom From an Ancient King."

An Anchor for the Soul, a simple presentation of the gospel in "Wal-Mart" English for people who don't know much about the Bible. This book has been widely used in the US in prison ministry, relief outreach, and ministry to the US Armed Forces.

ZDL plans to sell the first book and give away Anchor in a special, interactive, gift-book format.

We raised the money through a bequest from a friend who went to be with the Lord a few months ago, a special gift from Moody Publishing, and through the freewill offerings of people in our congregation. It's been exciting to see the project come together in just a few months. Until recently, such a project was not possible in China but God is opening long-closed doors. We're glad to be a small part of the big things God is doing in the world's most-populated country.

(On July 1, Harvest House released my newest book, The Healing Power of Forgiveness.)

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