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Anchor in a Laundromat

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  • 2007 Oct 13

Several years ago we donated copies of An Anchor for the Soul to the “Glory to Thee” missionary boat run by John and Gaydean Nolte. Their unique ministry takes them to various ports on the Gulf Coast and also along the inland waterways (including the Great Lakes), sharing the Good News of Jesus. John left a copy of the book at a laundromat hoping someone would read it. Here’s what happened next:

"Dear Pastor Ray:

John Nolte put your book in a marina laundromat three and half years ago. My Girl friend at the time (now my wife) picked it up while doing the laundry and brought it to me and said, “Here, read this it might help how you’re feeling.” You see I had a hole in me I could not fill anymore with anything that used to make me OK. I was in deep trouble and knew it. I believed in God and had heard many times about Jesus. But I did not know what he really did for me until I read it in your book. I started to read your book (Anchor For The Soul) at about 9:30 PM on March 31,2004. At 4:30 AM April 1st I stood in the galley of my boat and said to Jesus, “IS THAT WHAT YOU WANTED ME TO KNOW?”

I had no idea until then that all I had to do was trust what he did on the cross at Calvary to be Saved. I know now and have not been the same since that moment at the galley of my boat. I cried like a baby but they were tears of joy. I knew it was true….I just knew it was true. The God that I had been told at Church when I was a child scared me and I thought I could not be good enough for him to want me with him. I used to wonder why if he made us because he loves us and wants us to be with him eternally, then why would he make it so impossible? When I heard the truth of the Gospel I BELIEVED at that moment. Of course God would make it that simple. I just never had heard it before then. I am 55 now. I was almost 52 then. I now have peace with God through Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior and I am trusting him and only him for my salvation. He paid it all. I learned that Ray in your Book that God had you write. I wanted you to know this….
God Bless.

Your Brother In The Lord,

This is why we opened the Anchor Book Depot in Chicago in June. Already we have donated thousands of books to ministries across America. Recently received a request for 3000 copies from a prison chaplain in New Mexico. Emails like this one remind us of why we do this. We provided the books to the “Glory to Thee” missionary boat, John Nolte put one in a laundromat, and the Holy Spirit made sure Tom’s girl friend found it and gave it to Tom who read it, understood it, and trusted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior.

Thanks for standing with us in this vital ministry. We have no other basis of support than the friends of Keep Believing.

We share this story so you can see the fruit of your prayers and your gifts.

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