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Anchor in Afghanistan

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  • 2006 Mar 08

10:06 AM A year ago we donated several thousand copies of An Anchor for the Soul to be used in a Quiet Time Pack that Word of Life was sending to soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. We just received the following report from Chaplain Gerry Benard stationed at Bagram Air Field in Afghanistan:

I am on the ground here. We received the Soldier Packs. They are brought to the Enduring Freedom Chapel here on Bagram Air Field. Most soldiers coming into country pass through here, or at least many of their chaplains and other leaders. I am the chaplain for the Protestant service--actually more of a Sunday evening Baptist-Evangelical Christian service- -with a lot of praise music and folks who are obviously on fire for the Lord. What a blessing to be in the heart of Muslim territory surrounded by strong Christian men and women. Praise God.

I thank you for sharing with us. I am using a prayer journal myself. I will pass the Bible off and the book was an excellent read. If Mr. Ray Pritchard donated them to the cause of reaching our soldiers, he deserves a shout out! Either way he deserves a thank you for caring enough to share wisdom and experiences God has brought him through.

If more soldier packs are available, there are plenty of soldiers who would benefit. I Believe 50 or so a month could easily be distributed. I am sure Chaplains themselves are passing them along to soldiers in other forward bases throughout the country.

Praise God for His provision of protection, grace, and mercy.

10:04 AM I'm doing an interview with Kim Jeffries on KTIS in Minneapolis today from 1:15-2 PM Central Time.

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