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  • 2007 Sep 09

Here are two quick updates:

1) An Anchor for the Soul has just been published in French by a publisher in Montreal. We received our copy a few days ago. Originally the book was published to coincide with a conference where I’m speaking in Montreal in November but now the book has been released for the general public.

2) When we reopened the Anchor Book Depot in Chicago in June, Calvary Chapel of Old Bridge, New Jersey joined us in the project and ordered 8300 copies for use in their evangelistic outreach. Here’s a report of one person in Newark whose life was changed  by reading the book:

"Two weeks ago, our worker gave a copy of “Anchor for the Soul” to a lady named Kim. The book impacted her so that she accepted the Lord and has been reading it and has not touched any drugs ever since. While talking to a friend, a man came by and she repeated a quote from the book, then took one, opened it and pointed it out to the man. She is now reading the gospel of Luke. Kim is going to church this Sunday for service and keeps reminding our worker about it…pretty cool!"

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