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  • 2004 Jun 07

I received the following email in response to my weblog entry last Wednesday called Can Homosexuals Go to Heaven?  The writer asks a very good follow-up question:

What about those that once were Christian (and believe they still are) yet have now have given in totally to this "life style"? Those who no longer struggle with this sin, but embrace it. Are they committing the unpardonable sin, blaspheming the Holy Spirit, by rejecting the word of God and ultimately rejecting God's lordship over their lives?

The writer goes on to say that this is a very personal matter because his son, after being very active as a Christian, and after going on missionary trips and attending a Christian college, has now embraced the homosexual lifestyle and yet claims to be a Christian. The writer adds that when he was very young, his son was molested by a teenage friend. Then he adds, "Unknown to us he was struggling with this for years."


There are a number of comments I would like to make:


1) He is your son, he will always be your son, and you will never stop loving him. If it is possible, you may love him even more as you see him making wrong choices and choosing to walk in sin.


2) He needs to know that you love him--and you need to tell him whenever you can.


3) As public acceptance of homosexuality grows in our society, we will see more and more cases like this. I daresay every church in America will have at least one case like this--and every Christian college and seminary will see a few graduates come out as active homosexuals. I mention simply to say that we should not be surprised as these things happen.


4) From a biblcial point of view,





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