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At Home in Tupelo

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  • 2007 May 19

The big news is that we bought a home in Tupelo this week. Marlene and I are both amazed at how God brought all the pieces together. Because we are in town for only a couple of weeks, we wanted to get a contract before we left again. In just a few days . . .

We found a realtor we liked,
Marlene looked at a lot of homes, and
I looked at a few with her.

It came down to two homes, and Marlene strongly liked the first home we visited . . . until we went to the second home. She had seen both houses earlier and liked the first one first and the second one second. But as we sat in the second home, all I can say is that God gave us a unified spirit that this was the house for us. We both just felt, “This is the place.” Marlene loves the floor plan and I really like the neighborhood. It’s not crowded at all. Good biking area. Not far from the airport.

I am very happy about this but the best part is seeing how happy Marlene is. She has been a trooper during the last 19 months and has not complained but I know she has wanted her own home again. Now she will have it. She is having a ball making plans to decorate the new home, where to put things, and so on.

As I thought back to two years ago when we were still in Oak Park, there is no way—no way at all—that I could have foreseen all that the last two years have held for us. And two years ago today I would have laughed if you had said that we would be buying a home in Tupelo. Through it all we have experienced the grace of God in unusual ways. And we have been blessed with friends who love us unreasonably. To be loved that way is one of life’s greatest blessings.

Looking back to October 2005 and going from then till now, I would say that we have made two and only two truly important decisions:

1) To start Keep Believing Ministries.
2) To buy a home in Tupelo.

Now we will see what God wants to do next.

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