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Back to the Bible--Next Week!

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  • 2008 May 17

 Next week (May 19-23)Back to the Bible will broadcast five messages I gave on the topic of “The Healing Power of Forgiveness.”

Here is their bio and announcement of the programs next week.

Click here to find out where the program is broadcast in your area.

I first met Wood Kroll, senior Bible teacher at Back to the Bible, when we spoke together at Word of Life Florida. Not long after that Marlene and I traveled to Lincoln, Nebraska, where we met the staff, enjoyed the hospitality of Wood and Linda Kroll, toured the very impressive facilities (including an indoor skate park that they use as an outreach to young people), and taped the five broadcasts.

On each program Back to the Bible will be offering copies of my book The Healing Power of Forgiveness. The publisher (Harvest House) is making a special print run to accommodate the expected requests from listeners.

All of that to say I’m honored to be part of Back to the Bible next week, and I thank Wood Kroll for his kindness in making it possible. I hope you will tune in and enjoy the broadcasts. We’d love to hear what you think. And I know the folks at Back to the Bible would love to hear from you too.

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