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Becky Pippert on Repenting and Rejoicing

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  • 2004 Sep 07

Becky Pippert of Salt Shaker Ministries wrote with some encouraging thoughts about the God Speaks Today sermon series that begins this Sunday.  Here are the five topics we'll be covering:


September 12      Is Marriage Really Made in Heaven?
September 19      Staying Pure in an X-Rated World
September 26      The Truth About Same-Sex Marriage
October 3             Real Hope for Lasting Change
October 10          Christ-Like Love in a World of Hate

Free full-text copies of each sermon will be available within a few days after each sermon is preached at  www.keepbelieving.com.

This was Becky's comment:

When I spoke at the National Convention in Chattanooga in August it was fascinating how intertwined all of the speakers were (avi Zacharias, Max Lucado, Tony Evans, Kay Arthur, Janet Parshall, myself)-- all of us united in our passion that the church must not remain silent in these difficult yet challenging times -- neither silent about the issues nor silent about the gospel!


  I talked about: Repenting and Rejoicing: Being a Witness for Such a Time as This, i.e.., what does it mean to be a witness in times that are so hostile to the gospel? My fear is that as our culture becomes increasingly hostile to the gospel, we may sink into hostility ourselves towards the world, and miss our opportunity to share the glorious gospel.  So I addressed the way to prepare spiritually for being a witness: by repenting and rejoicing -- acknowledging daily all known sin and living in the fullness of the Spirit.

Becky is exactly right. We must not fall into the trap of withdrawal or despair or hostility -- asy to do in times like these. If we can just find the right chord (I choose that metaphor on purpose because it speaks of many notes coming together at once to produce a harmonious sound), we can speak with great power to this generation. It's not easy, but if we can do it, these ought to be days of incredible opportunity for local churches and for Christians everywhere.

This is no time for despair or fear or cowardice or timidity. The church always does its best work in times of moral darkness and confusion. If the times are dark, remember than in the darkness, when the light shines, it really shines.


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