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  • 2007 Jan 15

Check out the Bible Map–a remarkable new tool that uses modern technology to bridge the gap between the ancient world and the 21st century. Here’s how it works. You enter a Bible chapter that contains a geographic reference or the name of a region or a people group. When you click on the highlighted words in the text, the program then uses Google Maps to find the locations. You then can click on a pushpin to get more details. Plus you can bring the map close-up or farther out to get an idea of what the location looks like today and where it is in relation to other biblical sites. It’s a free online Bible Atlas that will dramatically increase your knowledge of where things happened in the Bible. Check out 2 Kings 10 and Acts 14 to get an idea of how useful the Bible Map can be. (Thanks to Noel Heikkinen for the link.)

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