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  • 2007 Jun 22

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*Good News from China. There has been a Christian explosion among Chinese intellectuals. Read the whole article and you’ll discover that the term explosion is not an exaggeration. 

*Here’s the other side of the story in China. Compass Direct reports on house church leaders recently arrested.

Government-sanctioned persecution of Christians has darkened the landscape of Xinjiang province in north-western China. Most recently, an estimated 30 house church leaders were arrested on April 19 in Aksu city as they met with four U.S. Christians. The four U.S. Christians, including two pastors, were also arrested and later released, according to China Aid Association.

*Paul Barreca gives thanks that his son is returning home safely from Iraq:

Personally, the months of worrying about a son deployed in Iraq have been some of the most spiritually intense moments of my life. After serving the Lord as a pastor for almost 24 years, I can honestly say that I have never prayed so much for one individual as I have prayed for my son during this deployment. Not only have my wife and I sought the Lord day by day, we often cried out to the Lord hour by hour, not knowing the difficulties and dangers that he was facing. Like most parents and spouses, we tried to prepare ourselves for every possible outcome of this deployment, knowing that so many families have been shattered by news of combat injuries and death. We did not need CNN or FOX to remind us how serious the situation was. We knew the danger, and were powerless to do anything other than pray.

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