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Bold Truth and Sweet Grace

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  • 2004 Sep 24

I'm writing this note from the Saddlebrook Resort in Wesley Chapel, Florida, a few miles north of Tampa. I'm speaking today and tomorrow morning at the Word of Life President's Forum. God willing, Marlene and I will fly back to Chicago tomorrow afternoon. Even though I'm in Florida, my mind is largely back in Oak Park, and the events coming up on Sunday. In my second message this morning, I mentioned the "God Speaks Today," the sermon for this Sunday morning on "The Truth About Same-Sex Marriage," Stephen Bennett's presentation on Sunday night, and the planned protests. After my message, Joe Jordan, Executive Director of Word of Life, called a man forwards and asked him to pray for me. Joe said he wanted to pray that I would be able to preach "bold truth and sweet grace."

That seems just right to me. We need truth and grace, and we need them together, not separately. The idea of "sweet grace" because it sums up the gentle appeal we need to make to those without Christ. And without the truth, no one will ever be saved, for it is the truth that sets us free. But truth and be cold, and grace and be sentimental. So we need them both: bold truth and sweet grace.

That's the target this Sunday.

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