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Day 4 with Dudley

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  • 2005 Dec 27

12:11 Day 4 with Dudley. Our little basset hound puppy continues to delight and amaze. Marlene commented yesterday that "he is trying so hard to be a good puppy." But he doesn't sleep through the night yet, not that we thought he should. Sometime after three this morning, I was on the floor with him, telling him what a good dog he was for going on the paper and not on the rug.

12:05 PM David Klinghoffer explains why evolution and biblical faith are ultimately incompatible. In reading the responses to the Dover decision last week, I was reminded that for years some evangelicals have argued that if we move away from a literal interpretation of Genesis, we can win a hearing from the intellectual establishment. The public discussion since the decision conclusively demonstrates that as far as the establishment is concerned, there is no difference between Philip Johnson and Henry Morris. The great divide is not over the age of the earth or the meaning of the word "day" in Genesis 1. The great divide is over God himself, Creator of heaven and earth.

12:05 PM 2461 miles.

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