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Evolution or God

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  • 2005 Dec 22

8:25 AM David Klinghoffer exposes the core issue in the recent decision by a federal judge regarding the teaching of "Intelligent Design" in Dover, PA. In his article Competing Designs, Klinghoffer points out that this is more than a debate about how to teach science in the public schools. It is really a clash of competing, and antithetical, worldviews. Read the article and see for yourself. I've always thought there was something bigger going on than whether or not teachers could read an innocuous "disclaimer" noting that evolution has its critics and that there are valid questions about larger and smaller details of evolutionary theory. Why are the proponents of evolution so wild to defend their territory? Because it's a religion to them. Here is his conclusion:

In short, with apologies to Judge Jones, there is no coherent reconciliation between God and Darwin. Attempts to show how we can have both faith in a spiritual reality (religion) and faith in pure materialism (Darwin) always end up vacuuming the essential meaning out of either God or Darwin.

And this, I think, is why some Darwin advocates dislike religion. It's why they fight it with such passion: Because negating religion is the reason behind their belief system. To their credit, they recognize a truth that others prefer not to see. That is: One may choose Darwin or one may choose God.

8:21 AM A big pre-Christmas shout out to Jeff and Beth McIntyre in Emmalena, KY, Peter and Judy Faulkner in West Virginia, Joel and Dorothy Ayres, Ron Adams, Steve and Liz Massey in Arlington, TX, and to Victor and Julie Marcionetti.

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