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Galatians Class Begins May 18

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  • 2021 May 13

Let’s study Galatians!

Starting May 18, I’m starting a new online series called Galatians: Truth on Fire. As before, I’ll teach Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday at 7 PM CT. Here’s the outline:

May 18 No Other Gospel (1:1-10)
May 19 How a Terrorist Became an Evangelist (1:11-24)
May 20 Don’t Let the Bad Guys Win (2:1-10)

May 25 Bad Manners at the Dinner Table (2:11-21)
May 26 How God Saves Sinners (3:1-14)
May 27 Born Free! (3:15-29)

June 1 No Turning Back (4:1-11)
June 2 A Tale of Two Women (4:12-31)
June 3 Freedom Isn’t Free (5:1-12)

June 8 Full Speed Ahead One Step at a Time (5:13-26)
June 9 The Law of the Harvest (6:1-10)
June 10 Branded for Christ (6:11-18)

You can watch the classes live in three different locations:

The KBM Facebook page
My personal Facebook page
The KBM YouTube channel

We will post the sessions at all three locations plus the KBM website so you can watch them at your convenience.

See you next Tuesday night!

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